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Type: Door & Window Handles


Warranty: 1 YEAR After-sale


Service: Online Technical Support Project Solution



Panda Group is a group company that integrates production and sales of aluminum alloy, aluminum doors and windows, and accessories, and Rubber gasket.  
Q1: What is your main product?
A1: 1) Aluminium Windows and Doors    
      2) Windows and Doors Accessories
Q2: What is the standard size of your windows and doors?
A2: Our products is based on customized size, design and color.
Q3: Will we need to install the glass (onsite glazed) or do your windows come with the glass installed?
A3: Yes, with complete the glass, frame, sash and hardware here, and you only install them into your wall hole directly.
Q4: What is your warranty? What do we do in case of problems?
A4: 5-8 years quality warranty is provided, including frame unfading nor peel-off, hardware and accessories working properly under correct operation. 10 years warranty for German hardware. In case of our quality problem, we will provide replacement by international courier. Immediate delivery of replacement parts with available in stock, and if not stocking, the time should be depending on material ordering time which is normally 10-15 days.
Q5: How can I know your price?
A5: The price is based on buyer's specific requirement, so please provide below information to help us quote exact price to you.      
     1) Shop drawing / window schedule to show the window dimensions,quantity and type;      
     2) Frame color;      
     3) Type of glass and thickness (single or double or laminated or others) and color (clear, tinted, reflective, Low-E or others, with Argon or without).
Q6: What is your delivery time?
A6: 25-35 days after deposit and drawing confirmed
Q7: What is your payment terms?
A7: Normally, 30%-50% of total amount by T/T as deposit and balance before delivery. Irrevocable L/C at sight is also acceptable.  


1.Established in 2008, Panda Group is a group companythatintegrates production and sales of aluminum alloy, aluminum doors and windov and accessories. The Panda Group's door and window factorywa established in 2009.

2. Panda doors and windows have been established with advanced design concepts, effective research and development, and productio of new aluminum building system products.

3.On the principle of simplicity and flexibility, develop practical and compliant system products for building facades. 



Panda Doors and Windows is committed to creating a one-stop solution for architectural aluminum curtain wall, doors and windows systems.

Introduce a full set of advanced, professional production equipment and technology using European and American top door and window systems, based on European system products successfully developed a collection of lighting, ventilation, dustinsulation, wind pressure resistance, fire retardantsound insulation, air tight Multifunctional door and window products with high and strong water tightness.

Through a professional R&D team, we have cooperated with door and window related companies in Europe, the United States, Australia and other places in the world. 

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Sliding window handle classification


There are many handle materials for sliding windows, and you can get material hints from this article.


1. According to material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.;

2. According to the shape: tube shape, strip shape, spherical shape and various geometric shapes, etc.;

3. According to the style: single strip type, double head type, exposed type, closed type, etc.;

4. According to the style: avant-garde, casual, nostalgic (such as rope or hanging bead);

Shop tips


1. Material

In terms of materials, all copper and all stainless steel are better; alloys and electroplating are poor; plastics are easily damaged and have been gradually eliminated by the market. Aluminum sliding window handle is now a popular choice.


2. Fixed method

There are two ways to fix the handle: screw and glue. It is recommended to buy a handle that is fixed with screws. Generally, it is strong with screws, but glue is not practical.


3. Style

1. Be sure to pay attention to the style, function and location of the furniture when selecting handles;

2. The handle of the porch cabinet should emphasize its decorativeness;

3. Two luxurious and beautiful handles can be installed on the symmetrical decorative door;

4. The shoe cabinet should choose a single-head handle with a color close to the board surface;

5. The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to be similar to the color of the electric device or the stone of the TV countertop, such as black, gray, dark green, and sub-golden exposed handles;

6. The furniture of the study or studio should choose simple and square handles;


About Aluminum sliding window handle selection tips


1. Material. The thickness, strength and oxide film of the aluminum profile used in the Aluminum sliding window handle should be paid attention to.


2. Processing. The aluminum sliding window handle has fine processing and careful installation.


3. Price. Aluminum sliding window handles have higher prices due to high production costs.


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