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There are many names for bolts in Tool Series, and everyone may call them differently. Some are called screws, some are called bolts, and some are called fasteners. Although there are so many names, they all mean the same thing. They are all bolts. Bolts are the general term for fasteners. Bolts are tools that use the physics and mathematics of the oblique circular rotation and friction of objects to gradually tighten objects and parts.
Bolts are indispensable in daily life and industrial production. Bolts are also called the industrial rice. It can be seen that the bolts are widely used. The application range of bolts includes: window bolt and latch bolt and door roller hardware, and bolts are also used in chemical experiments. Anyway, bolts are used in many places. Such as precision bolts used on digital products. Bolts have important tasks in industry. As long as industry exists on the earth, the function of bolts will always be important.

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